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We do that primarily through the cheap oakley sunglasses support of the dividend. As you know, we've moved our fake oakley sunglasses payout ratio to 50%. The yield right now at current stock price is about 3% plus. And with regard to share cheap oakleys repurchase, we'll do about $400 million this year. That's about 10% of the market cap of the company. 

Clearly these are unprecedented times.Consumer cheap oakley sunglasses confidence is at record lows, there is a greater discounting fake oakley sunglasses in retail, there has been a shift from consumer wants to needs.SUE LANNIN: Michele O'Neil the head of the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union, says the news comes as a shock.MICHELE O'NEIL: This company has gone ahead and made an announcement without cheap oakleys seriously discussing with the union and the Federal Government what can be done to save jobs.Some of these businesses within the Pacific Brands group are actually profitable businesses, we know that, we know that from the company themselves.To announce a wholesale pulling out of manufacturing in Australia, without any genuine attempt to see if anything can be done to save these businesses, we think is disgraceful.SUE LANNIN: The union says Pacific Brands has received millions of dollars in Government subsidies to help it stay afloat.MICHELE O'NEIL: The harsh reality is that most workers that lose a job out of this industry don't find another one and then you add to that the current economic climate and you're really talking about workers being left on the scrap heap. 
At this point, I should add that I am cheap oakley sunglasses very compassionate regarding how people feel about their investments. I understand that long term financial security is one of the most important and sacred issues cheap oakleys that people must fake oakley sunglasses deal with. The fear of not having adequate resources to fund a secure long term future is very strong. Our financial nest eggs represent our financial security, especially beyond our working years when we no longer work for money, but instead must depend on our money working for us. More simply stated, we cannot afford to lose what we have, and we are therefore justifiably very emotionally attached to our investment portfolios.
Once the brand's core values cheap oakley sunglasses have been identified, the road towards effective brand proposition development begins. To ensure fake oakley sunglasses a successful outcome, comprehensive and objective cheap oakleys research involving at the minimum, the brand's strengths and weaknesses, the target audience, and the competition will be conducted. If the resources are available, research should also involve extensive observation into the brand's industry, its history, the current market picture, and potential growth and direction.